RT America -- January 06, 2017

Intelligence report on Russian hacking focuses instead on RT reporting 
The US intelligence community has declassified its report concerning the supposed 2016 “election hack.” The highly anticipated report was released ahead of time and contained 12 pages devoted to RT and its coverage of the election. The report cites multiple corroborating ‒ but unnamed ‒ sources noted for their expertise in “Russian behavior,” but presents no hard evidence. RT America’s Alexey Yaroshevsky joins RT’s Manila Chan to bring us the details.

New bill could hinder tech companies’ ability to encrypt information 
A bill on Capitol Hill is following in the steps of a recently-passed bill in the UK which aims to weaken tech companies’ ability to encrypt information. The new law in England, however, also allows authorities to access citizens’ complete browsing history. Can that happen here in the US? Sam Sacks, journalist at the District Sentinel, joins RT America’s Manila Chan to discuss.