RT America -- November 22, 2016

Morton County acting like they are testing weaponry on us – Standing Rock medic 
More details are emerging about Sunday's violent confrontation between police and pipeline protesters at the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota. Activist Sophia Wilansky was so severely injured by a concussion grenade she may need to have her arm amputated. Law enforcement said that no grenades were used. However, they also previously said that they had not used water cannon, which video evidence calls into dispute. For more on this, RT America's Anya Parampil is joined by Linda Black Elk, a medic at Standing Rock who serves on the Medicine and Healer Council.

Trump took NYT to the woodshed, played them perfectly - Lionel 
The ongoing spat between Donald Trump and the New York Times continues after the president-elect initially cancelled a scheduled meeting with the newspaper at the last minute before later reversing his decision. For more on this, legal and media analyst Lionel of LionelMedia joins RT America's Anya Parampil.