RT America -- October 25, 2016

Democrats & Republicans clash on Obamacare
Hillary Clinton is on record wanting to fix Obamacare, while Donald Trump wants to repeal and replace it. To discuss the specifics of both plans, radio talk show host Joe Madison and conservative commentator Dr. Gina Loudon join ‘News with Ed.’ Loudon says Trump’s plan will rely on medical savings accounts and the ability to buy insurance across state lines.

Project Hemisphere: AT&T’s 25-year-long secret surveillance program 
AT&T’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner for $85 billion has led many to probe the inner workings of the two telecom companies. One program that’s recently been brought to light is ‘Project Hemisphere,’ a metadata collection program that has been going on for 25 years, in which AT&T has been selling customer information to law enforcement. RT America’s Manila Chan has more on the secret program.