RT America -- October 11, 2016

Succession of hostilities: Trump fires back at GOP on Twitter
Donald Trump is returning fire on the GOP by taking to Twitter to criticize House Speaker Ryan’s leadership and claim that the loss of endorsements by GOP officials was like “taking the shackles off”. Meanwhile, President Obama, batting for Clinton today, took aim at Trump’s leaked audio comments, after which he was criticized for boasting about assaulting women. Ian Walters, communications director for the Conservative Review and Brent Budowsky, columnist at The Hill newspaper join ‘News With Ed’ to discuss.

Jatras: Clinton’s foreign policy is consistent...ly wrong
Donald Trump says on his website that he wants to end the US policy of regime change, contrasting starkly with President Obama’s repeated remarks that “Assad must go.” Former GOP Senate foreign policy adviser Jim Jatras joins ‘News With Ed’ to discuss.