RT America -- June 22, 2016

Trump strikes back against Hillary
A day after Hillary Clinton spent 45 minutes attacking Donald Trump during a speech in Ohio, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee struck back. In a speech, Trump claimed Clinton would push for trade deals that would hurt the US and that her foreign policy skills leave a lot to be desired. Most surprising, however, is that “The Donald” stayed on script for most of the speech and sounded calmer than usual. Columnist for The Hill, Brent Budowsky, and political analyst, Eric Schiffer, join RT America’s Manila Chan to discuss this if this “new Donald Trump” will stick.

John McAfee on bill that would allow FBI access to American’s browser history
The Senate fell just short on passing a bill that would allow the FBI to access people’s browser history and other metadata without a court order. Privacy advocates may be breathing a sigh of relief for now, but another vote on the bill is expected to come soon. To discuss, founder of McAfee Antivirus and former Libertarian candidate for president, John McAfee joins RT America’s Manila Chan. He says that the government is “using situations like terrorism to gain entry into the private lives of the American public.”