RT America -- May 13, 2016

Iraqi victims of Abu Ghraib torture have their day in court 
More than a decade after graphic images of the American-run prison camp Abu Ghraib in Iraq were leaked, four of the cleared detainees are finally getting their day in court. But will accountability decisions be reached? Lead attorney representing those men, Baher Azmy of the Center for Constitutional Rights, joins RT America’s Manila Chan to discuss their cases.

EPA says radiation spike near nuclear waste site is ‘natural’ following RT investigation 
RT has reported extensively on the situation around America’s largest nuclear waste storage facility, the Hanford Site in Washington state, following various leaks and injuries to workers. Although last Friday’s spike in radiation in the area ‒ reported by RT ‒ prompted a federal investigation, the Environmental Protection Agency blamed the elevated levels on natural causes. RT America’s Alexey Yaroshevsky takes a look at inconsistencies in the agency’s statements.