RT America -- April 15, 2016

Saudi Arabia plays a ‘dark role’ in the Middle East, empowered by US – Chris Hedges
The Saudi-led coalition – including the nations of Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates – dropped US-supplied bombs into a Yemeni marketplace killing 119, according to Human Rights Watch. To discuss US arms sales to Saudi Arabia and ongoing legislation meant to curb it, Chris Hedges, author and former Middle East bureau chief for the New York Times, joins RT America’s Manila Chan.

CIA ‘dungeon’ in Afghanistan sparks ACLU lawsuit
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is suing the government over CIA documents pertaining to a secret agency “black site” in Afghanistan. The civil rights group hopes to obtain more information on a visit to the facility by Federal Bureau of Prison officials. RT America’s Manuel Rapalo reports.