RT America -- February 1, 2016

Iowa Caucus: Voters gear up and look for the anti-establishment candidate

Voters across Iowa are gearing up for Monday’s Iowa Caucus, where Republican candidate Donald Trump holds his lead as the frontrunner and the Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, face a major toss-up. RT’s Lindsay France has a special report from the ground in Iowa and speaks with some prospective voters.

Iowa Caucus: What’s next for the 2016 battleground after the first votes?

Monday’s Iowa Caucus might set the stage for the 2016 presidential race, with Donald Trump leading the Republicans and Bernie Sanders going head to head with Hillary Clinton, closing the gap. RT’s Ed Schultz speaks with Genevieve Wood from the Heritage Foundation and Larry Cohen of the Communications Workers of America to take a look at the race in Iowa and how voters are looking for “non-establishment” politicians.