RT America - January 4, 2016

Saudi Arabia spawned unrest in the region to serve its own interests – author

Tensions have boiled over between Saudi Arabia and Iran following the Saudi execution of 47 people, including a top Shiite cleric. As a result, both nations have severed diplomatic and business ties, creating an unclear future for the two rival powers. RT’s Manila Chan speaks with author and senior writer for AlterNet Max Blumenthal on how the latest tensions are affecting both regional and international relations.

Armed militia seizes federal building in Oregon, demands supporters oppose gov’t

A group of armed militia members ‒ lead by two of the sons of infamous rancher Cliven Bundy ‒ have occupied a federal wildlife refuge in eastern Oregon, making demands against the federal government and asking for fellow “patriots” to join their movement. But do they have a legal right to their claims? RT’s Manila Chan and media analyst “Lionel” take a look at the standoff.