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16 Dec, 2019 08:03

The state of British banking

Since one of the greatest financial crises in human history – you can count on one hand how many British bankers have gone to prison for fraud.

At the hands of corrupt bankers many hard-working people have lost their businesses, their homes and their savings. An industry that has decimated lives still has had no recourse to stop the banks illegal asset stripping.

So we have to ask why? Has the judiciary just gotten all the judgments in favor of the banks plain wrong? Are the world-class British police inept or underfunded? Have successive governments simply not had the insight, or have they turned a blind eye?
Or could it be that maintaining a corrupt British banking sector is a central plank of the British establishment’s strategy to maintain power?

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by financial journalist and author of ‘Shredded’, Ian Fraser, and Police & Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, Anthony Stansfeld, to discuss the state of British banking.

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