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20 Nov, 2017 12:00

Britain’s iFeudalism

In Europe during the Middle Ages, feudalism was the social order of the day. Society was structured between landowners and the landless. Astonishingly, that social order is on the rise again in the UK.
A growing number of leasehold homeowners are at the mercy of a new class of rent-seeker – actively exploiting them in their own homes through onerous ground rents and permission fees.

Many of these homes were bought through the government sanctioned Help To Buy scheme, which has fuelled house builder profits and led to massive remuneration packages for CEOs.

On this show, we uncover the sleight of hand behind this growing crisis.

Host Ross Ashcroft is joined by founder of the National Leasehold Campaign Katie Kendrick and Director of the Leasehold Knowledge Partnership Sebastian O’Kelly.