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11 Feb, 2022 06:28

A class-traitor CEO, free college fail, Starbucks’ union busting

Michael Lastoria is the CEO of the chain &Pizza in Washington, DC. Lastoria has made a name for himself as a class traitor by advocating for the rights of workers and living up to his words by paying them the $15 an hour that chain restaurant workers have been demanding in the ‘Fight for $15’ campaign. They discuss the myth of low-skilled workers, the truth about the labor shortage, what solving this problem with justice in mind would really look like, and much more.

In the second half, Camp reports on Joe Biden’s amazing ability not to deliver on any of his campaign promises. This time he has given up pursuing free community college for all Americans, and he sent his wife Jill Biden out to the wolves to make the announcement. Camp explains how the president could’ve taken on these policies without Congress if he actually cared. Anders Lee finishes off the show by looking into the growing union fight at Starbucks and its roots.

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