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7 Jan, 2022 07:30

China today, welfare as punishment, the assassination of Biggie

Naomi Karavani interviews journalist Danny Haiphong and takes a look at modern China, the propaganda being deployed against it by the US empire, and the reality that contrasts with that propaganda. Haiphong’s journalism is published on his ‘Chronicles of Haiphong’ Substack. There are many lies being spread about China across the West, and they’re shading the people’s understanding of what’s happening in the world’s most populous country. Haiphong explains how the Belt and Road Initiative really works, the new Cold War being developed by the NATO powers, and much more.

Then, Karavani looks into the collapse of the US welfare system. This has become a punitive tool used to keep the working poor in line since Bill Clinton gutted it in the ‘90s and merciless bureaucrats got to take over. Karavani brings you some of the more shocking stories of the welfare system screwing over its poor victims. Jaffer Khan finishes off the show by looking into evidence that the Notorious BIG may have been assassinated by cops.

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