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29 Oct, 2021 06:55

RFK's Assassination, mental health advice from the mega-rich, NYC taxi drivers' fight for justice

The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy is one of the US’s most significant mysteries of the 20th Century. Lee Camp interviews Lisa Pease, the author of “A Lie Too Big To Fail,” to get a deeper view of the political killing. Sirhan Sirhan was blamed for the assassination but research from Pease opens a hole in the case. The counter-narrative that she presents involves hypnotism, MKUltra, a starter pistol loaded with blanks, and a second shooter connected to intelligence organizations. This story is important right now because Sirhan could be paroled soon. He doesn’t represent a threat to anyone and he deserves his freedom.

Naomi Karavani reports on the entrepreneurship of Harry Windsor and Meghan Markle. They’ve started to promote mental health awareness and their campaign is just as tone deaf as you’d expect from former members of the British royal family. Therapy is effective, helpful, and unaffordable for the majority of people living in the US. The only advice they can really give us is, “Have you tried being unimaginably wealthy?” Jaffer Khan reports on the crisis faced by immigrant taxi drivers in New York City. The drivers are forced into debt as they compete for the million-dollar medallions that they need to do their jobs. In response the drivers have been rallying for debt forgiveness.

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