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23 Oct, 2021 08:16

Striketober, fascist passports, corrupt Manchin and the exploitation of black bodies

Lee covers the wave of strikes that are happening in the country. Workers across industries from fast food to nurses to Hollywood are demanding that they receive the bare minimum. As businesses like John Deere try to operate without their trained workers, they’re discovering the hard way how valuable their workforce was. Nonetheless, Americans are discovering, many for the first time, the wide rift between the exploiters and the exploited. Then Lee gets into how vaccine passports will only exacerbate vaccine inequities, as many high-level WHO officials have warned. Then Anders Lee calls in from West Virginia to report on how the ultra-corrupt Joe Manchin is doing his best to prevent anything good from coming out of the Democratic reconciliation bill. Finally, Jaffer Khan covers the lawsuit brought to pharma company Thermo Fisher by the family of Henrietta Lacks. Thermo Fisher has made billions off of cells stolen from Henrietta Lacks by Johns Hopkins University. The exploitation of black bodies is unfortunately a long-running theme in the United States.

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