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2 Oct, 2021 07:53

Bill Gates exposed, the drone war revisited, fighting NCAA athlete exploitation

Lee Camp exposes Bill Gates and the hidden side of his capitalist projects. The corporate media spend hours honoring his benevolent philanthropy, but rich men never give anything away without a string attached and Gates’ empire has strings connected to dark activities around the world. After listening to Lee, you’ll understand why it’s safe to assume that none of Gates’ charity is intended to help people. His pharmaceutical interests push unsafe drugs on the global south that drive profits back into Gates’ pockets. His agricultural interests build monopolies that harm local farmers. And the list goes on. Camp also provides context for the recent release of the chief financial officer of the Chinese technology company Huawei.

Naomi Karavani goes over the lessons of a new book about the US drone wars. ‘Humane’ by Samuel Moyn is a deep dive into the drone bombing campaign made famous under President Barack Obama and it should make you furious. Karavani, fortunately, makes it funny. Anders Lee finishes off the show with a recent legal victory for student athletes in the NCAA. Popular student athletes create massive profits for colleges that are protected from properly compensating them. But support for the rights of student athletes have become more popular in recent years. They are still in an uphill battle but early steps have been taken.

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