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Exposing military spending waste, Apple’s junk business model, police lies about fentanyl

Lee Camp interviews policy analyst Stephen Semler about the US’ outrageous military excesses and how they impact the country as a whole. Semler and Camp discuss the minutiae of the military budget, Joe Biden’s career bolstering imperialist violence and the draconian policing of the domestic population, and how the American people have responded in the past few years. The US military is notorious across the world for the immense size of its budget and its consequence-free style of terrorizing the world.

Naomi Karavani reports on how Apple Inc. purposefully creates mountains of waste as a core part of their business model. There’s no profit in allowing customers to fix a product that could be replaced at a hefty cost. She references leaked training videos that encourage Apple’s ‘geniuses’ to upsell consumers. Jaffer Khan finishes the show off by exposing one of the Law Enforcement Public Relations world’s latest lies about police officers “overdosing” on the narcotic fentanyl through passive exposure. Scientists pushed back by pointing out that it’s impossible to overdose on fentanyl by touching it.

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