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5 Jun, 2021 07:34

Dirty business at McDonald’s, an attack on women’s rights, Salvation Army’s underpaid workers

McDonald’s workers have filed a lawsuit against their employer and taken strike actions over low pay and mistreatment during the pandemic. Lee Camp looks into the fast-food behemoth’s exploitative business practices. From low wages, to their wage-theft schemes, to using prison labor to make employee uniforms, to the factory farming that grows their meat, and the consumerist junk they use to market their Happy Meals, the entire business model of McDonald’s reflects the exploitative nature of the capitalist system in which it thrives. Then, Camp covers the GOP’s attacks on women’s rights, the Democrats’ failure to stand with women on abortion rights, a $25 million verdict against Monsanto over its cancerous RoundUp pesticide being upheld in court, and more.

Natalie McGill takes a swing at the Salvation Army. The organization has a lot of issues but one of the latest revelations is that they’re being sued for not paying people in their drug rehabilitation program anywhere close to a minimum wage for their labor. The unfortunate workers were paid a pittance for often heavy, difficult work. This isn’t a new or limited practice for the Salvation Army but last time they were caught, they got lawyers to cover it up. Naomi Karavani reports on the manufacturers of Smart TVs selling viewer’s data, Israel bombing hackers in Gaza, and AP News firing a journalist for Palestinian rights activism when they were in college.

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