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Commodifying capitalism’s collapse, extinction rebellion update, renegotiating Iran’s nuclear deal

The US today is a sick, broken society. Late-stage capitalism doesn’t offer any real solutions to the problems that people are facing as the economy falls apart. Lee Camp looks at the false solutions that corporations and the US government offer to people instead of addressing the root causes of the real problems that we all face. System-wide problems require systemic answers but unfortunately it’s more profitable to allow those problems to persist while selling solutions to the symptoms. In ‘Taking the News from Behind’, Camp covers Extinction Rebellion’s “Money Rebellion” campaign, and a movement to make environmental destruction – aka ecocide – a crime.

Anders Lee reports on the obstacles to the renegotiation of the Iran nuclear deal after Donald Trump tore it up without cause. Iranian nuclear facilities have been consistently under attack from Israel since the signing of the deal. The US hasn’t shown any sign that it will condemn its ally’s provocative and dangerous attacks. Even the Democrats in Congress won’t support a reasonable path for negotiations. Naomi Karavani brings attention to an ACLU lawsuit against the FBI, and a New York narcotics officer who was caught lying might lead to almost 100 other convictions being thrown out.

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