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Fighting corporate fascism, Biden’s student debt scheme, COINTELPRO and the Black Panthers

Lee Camp looks into the US’ long history of oppressed people fighting back against their oppressors. The story goes back to the arrival of the ‘Mayflower’ and continues today as our corporate overlords seek to invade the privacy of workers. The capitalist system continues to try and crush the human spirit and turn workers into automatons but we can continue the tradition of fighting back. In ‘Taking the News from Behind,’ Lee takes on many of the facets of life that make living in and sharing a world with the United States a nightmare. He also exposes the propagandists representing the interests of both parties in government and the media.

Natalie McGill reports on the student loan debt crisis. Betsy Devos’ overtly corrupt plans as secretary of education protected the predatory practices of for-profit colleges from oversight. But the Biden administration’s plans protect those profits in a slightly more subtle way by encouraging students to take on debt repayment schedules that will last a lifetime. Anders Lee finishes off the show with new information on the COINTELPRO campaigns against the Black Panther Party, developments in Brazil that would allow Lula da Silva to run for president again, and bad news for human rights attorney Steven Donziger.

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