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How to end homelessness, Malcolm X assassination update, energy industry price gouging

Ending homelessness is a real possibility but the capitalists who run our system refuse to solve a problem whose existence boosts their profits. Lee Camp dives into the problem of homelessness in the US in the 21st century. Camp also goes over the opening of Joe Biden’s presidency, and provides an update on the assassination of Malcolm X. Naomi Karavani reports on price gouging in the energy industry, which was highlighted during the recent snow storm. Texas energy companies raised prices on Texans while the power grid was failing and people were freezing. But they aren’t the only energy company guilty of price gouging while their customers suffer, and with climate change intensifying, big business is looking for more profit-making opportunities. Natalie McGill takes on a doomed voting rights act passed in the House, a new study on cities that saw Black Lives Matter protests last summer, and more.

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