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20 Feb, 2021 07:21

US sanctions, Haiti rising, Florida water hack

Lee Camp looks into how a Government Accountability Office (GAO) study into US sanctions on Venezuela exemplifies the callousness of the punitive economic measures. The report focuses on the symbolic actions the US took while secretly backing a coup. Meanwhile, the sanctions program killed tens of thousands of Venezuelans and caused a severe economic crisis that crippled the country’s ability to provide for its people. Camp also reports on the Haitian uprising against their US-backed puppet government, and the newest push for a transpacific trade deal very similar to the failed TPP.

Natalie McGill covers the recent hack into a Tampa Bay area water treatment system. The hacker tried to poison residents and revealed just how vulnerable our nation’s water systems are. Anders Lee and Lee Camp close out the show on Texas Governor Greg Abbot’s odd attempt to blame renewable energy for the failure of the state’s electrical grid in the face of an unprecedented blizzard, and more.

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