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8 Jan, 2021 06:57

Govt accounting fraud with journalist Mark Skidmore, Big Ag greenwashing, RFK’s unexpected legacy

In the first Redacted Tonight VIP of 2021, Lee Camp interviews journalist Mark Skidmore. He exposed a corruption story involving $21 trillion in “unaccounted adjustments” in the Pentagon’s budget over 2 decades. The story received barely any public notice in the corporate media despite its serious implications of corruption in the military-industrial complex. He also shares a new story on another corrupt accounting practice he has found involving the pension funds of government employees.

Naomi Karavani reports on greenwashing efforts from Big Energy and Big Ag. Factory farms want to buy into the biogas industry using the burps, farts, and poop of cattle. They’ll use these projects to cover up the horrific environmental effects of their farming operations. Natalie McGill looks back at how the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy led to the creation of a popular children’s cartoon.

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