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7 Nov, 2020 08:37

Latin America fights imperialism, corporate corruption checked, the ‘CAREN Act’

Lee Camp recorded the opening of the show before the 2020 presidential election but even back then it was obvious that the loser in this election would be people and the planet. Knowing that, whatever the result of the election, is depressing. So, Camp dedicates this episode to good news coming out of Latin America, including Bolivia’s MAS party’s electoral victory against US interests, Venezuela’s government successfully navigating US interference and a failed mercenary invasion, Nicaraguans fighting back against another US-backed coup, and Chile’s referendum to rewrite Augusto Pinochet’s right-wing constitution. In ‘Taking The News From Behind’, Camp covers Nestle’s empire of bottled water floundering in response to push-back from activists, Purdue Pharma’s massive court loss over their role in expanding the OxyContin epidemic, and the anti-trust lawsuit against Google.

Natalie McGill reports on the ‘CAREN Act’ (Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies) passed in San Francisco, which punishes people for making frivolous emergency phone calls. The legislation gives people the right to sue a 911 caller in civil court over discrimination due to a person’s race, sex, age, religion, disability, gender identity, weight or height. Anders Lee comes on to discuss an activist action to bring attention to evictions in New York City, how it inspired the writing of a bill in the New York State Assembly to support renters, New Zealand’s recent elections, and more.

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