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16 Oct, 2020 05:57

The dystopia big tech wants, factory-farming PR unravels, Joe Biden’s loyalty to fossil fuels

Lee Camp interviews technology expert Patricia Gorky on a range of topics related to how governments and corporations are abusing their access to advanced technologies. Topics include the persecution of Julian Assange and the US' efforts to discredit his character to distract people from the truth that he has revealed, the Blue Leaks exposing US law enforcement for using their powers to attack activists, the growth of Big Data surveillance for the benefit of corporations and our oligarchs, the potential and risks of empowering intelligent technoologies, and more.

In her “Weekly Offensive” Naomi Karavani dives into how the pandemic has revealed the flaws in the factory farm food-production system. More people are becoming aware that Big Animal Agriculture spreads disease and is bad for the environment, for workers, and for animals. The industry is fighting back against these valid criticisms and their desperation is laughable. Anders Lee finishes off the show with a report on the inconsistent stances on fracking and climate change espoused by the Biden/Harris campaign. They're taking money from the fossil fuel industry, talking as if they take climate change seriously and denying that they'll ban fracking. It's pretty obvious that their loyalties aren't with helping regular people survive climate change.

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