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6 Jun, 2020 06:30

Wealthy still plunder economy during pandemic

The mega-wealthy have gained hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth since the beginning of the pandemic. Their wealth has increased by around 12%. At the same time, people have lost their jobs en masse and were given a measly one-time $1,200 check. Lee opens the show with this illustration of America’s out-of-control inequality problem. The US’ ruling class can't decide who its new enemies are, but they seem to be triangulating on China; Lee discusses the US charging Chinese corporation Huawei with racketeering. He also looks at the mainstream media's manufacturing of consent, Fox's direct connection to the White House, and more.

Anders Lee reports on the Trump administration's plan to destroy the US Postal Service. They've put a shipping magnate (a market competitor) in charge of the government institution and it doesn't bode well for its future. A plan to turn the USPS back into a banking group was touted by Bernie Sanders in his presidential campaign – a move with a lot of potential to help regular people, so of course the rich hate it. Natalie McGill & Lee sit down to discuss the expansion of mass surveillance in the US, Congress' continued attempts to liquidate Social Security, and more.

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