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25 Apr, 2020 08:17

The end of US empire

The US is using the pandemic to intensify its regime-change and military campaigns against countries across the world. This is revealing the weaknesses of the US Empire. Meanwhile, the US' largest competitors for global power is distributing aid to countries in need. The rest of the world seems to be coming together, while the US marginalizes itself. The experience of the US homeless during this crisis, how the police are making this all worse, Pittsburgh cleans up the lead in its water, the Pentagon anticipated this crisis, and more.

Natalie McGill reports on how the government is using the Coronavirus as an opportunity to bulk up its surveillance of our cellphones. They also used 9/11 to push the boundaries on this and we never got our rights to data privacy back. Anders Lee and Lee discuss several stories, including how international competition has caused the cost of medical equipment to go up, leaving many developing nations ill-equipped to handle the pandemic.

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