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18 Apr, 2020 07:13

This pandemic puts our priorities in order

The pandemic is a disaster, but if you’re looking for the positive side of this crisis, there are several boons you could focus on. Human pollution has reduced drastically, wildlife is having a great time, the façade that our economy of pointless jobs has any value is falling apart, and everyone in politics is newly open to radical policy solutions to our problems. Lee opens the show with a look at some of these reasons for optimism. Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race and endorsed Biden, so Lee discusses the path forward for those who believe in radical change in ‘Taking The News From Behind’.

Naomi Karavani reports from the 50s where a computer language named COBOL was created. The code is still being used to run several important US government computing systems including the unemployment system, and it’s causing delays in claims. Natalie McGill reports on a development in domestic surveillance. Baltimore has started a persistent surveillance program that includes the use of spy drones. So as we are all stuck at home from the pandemic, our local governments are expanding their capacity to invade our privacy. She also discusses Trump’s sabotage of the USPS, and a NJ nurse who was suspended for successfully raising funds to get hold of masks and other protective equipment.

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