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US nationalists v public health crisis

Lee opens the show this week with a look into how Trumpist nationalism has made the coronavirus crisis worse. We no longer live in a world where it's possible to pretend that one nation's problems are separate from those of every other nation. We're only as safe as our least safe neighbors in a public health crisis such as this, and in the competition to be the least safe, the US is doing its best to be number one. In "Taking The News From Behind," Lee discusses Chelsea Manning's release from prison, our current economic crisis, and the Justice Department dropping charges against Russian firms implicated by the Mueller report.

Anders Lee sits down with Lee to report on Trump's assault on clean air laws by creating more auto industry jobs. He just can't get enough environmental destruction. Then Natalie McGill finishes off the show by showing us all how corporations are using the coronavirus crisis to help you forget how terrible they are.

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