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14 Mar, 2020 07:57

Coronavirus v the US healthcare system

The Coronavirus is spreading across the world rapidly and testing the resilience of governments and societies. The US has found itself unprepared for the pandemic partly because Donald Trump got rid of a pandemic response power when he first came to power but also because of the healthcare system that has been at the center of this election season. Lee covers the situation so far. In 'Taking The News From Behind,' he looks at the primary contests that've happened so far in comparison with a set of research that took raw exit poll data from voting sites. Just like in 2016, the exit polls always show Bernie holding more of the vote than the black box voting machines eventually found.

Natalie McGill sits down with Lee to look at how the prison industrial complex has responded to the banks withdrawing investment from the industry. They're collaborating on a PR and lobbying effort to reform their bad reputation. Naomi Karavani finishes the show off by exposing the use of child labor in a variety of industries.

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