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5 Oct, 2019 07:59

Good reasons to impeach Trump, the new Haitian revolution, reverse mortgages creating more homelessness

The show this week opens with a perspective on impeachment that's lacking in the mainstream media. Donald Trump proved that he was an impeachable president before he even won the presidency. He proved himself a deceitful businessman, a rapist, and a racist. He also clearly profited from the presidency. He governed in his first term as all of those things and now his impeachment is beginning for none of those things. In Taking The News From Behind, Lee digs into a strange connection between Twitter and an expert in psyops, the GM strikes, and the burgeoning revolt in Haiti.

In the second half of the show, Natalie McGill discusses a scam in the housing market referred to as ‘reverse mortgages.’ This deceptive practice is leaving older Americans homeless. And Anders Lee caps off the show by lambasting new theories in political science that are vaguely reminiscent of race science. Some ‘experts’ are arguing that your politics have a genetic component.

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