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17 May, 2019 07:07

Trump/Bolton want war, & the Pentagon’s massive budgeting fraud

To open this episode, Lee reports on the bipartisan consensus for America’s military adventures. Democrats and Republicans are practically unanimous in supporting the US’ regime change operation in Venezuela, and now that seems like it has failed, they’ve moved on to pushing for war with Iran. Supporters of peace, on the other hand, have been marginalized and ignored in the political debate.

In the second half of the show, Lee interviews investigative journalist Dave Lindorff. Lindorff covered the Pentagon’s accounting fraud in an article for the Nation. The $21 trillion in unaccounted adjustments in the Pentagon’s budget over the last two decades is a scandal that has received shamefully little coverage in the news. Lindorff is one of a few journalists who have actually worked on the story. In the interview, they talk about the Pentagon’s failed audit, the nuance of unaccounted adjustments to the budget not being the same as money that was spent, and how Alexandria Ocasio Cortez got that wrong while still bringing major attention to an important story.

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