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20 Apr, 2019 06:59

What WikiLeaks taught us, Trump’s tax cuts, & the USDA’s new rules

Lee opens the show this week with a deep dive into the crimes, espionage and intrigue revealed by WikiLeaks over the last decade. Chelsea Manning and other anonymous whistleblowers made these revelations possible, yet the people whose crimes were revealed aren’t facing punishment while Manning and Julian Assange are. Using these leaks, WikiLeaks has been able to show Americans the crimes that are being committed in their names around the world. They also inspired several protest movements, including Occupy.

In the second half of the show, Naomi Karavani reports on the tax-cut bill that Trump wanted to call the ‘Cut Cut Cut Act.’ The bill has resulted in a massive financial windfall for the ruling class and reduced tax returns for the rest of us. To finish the show, Natalie McGill tells us how the USDA is ready to finalize new rules that would replace federal inspectors at pig slaughterhouses with plant workers. This continues a trend of deregulation that tasks corporations with policing themselves while they endanger our planet’s future in order to make a profit.

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