Systemic racism is alive & well, Tucker Carlson’s bigotry, criminalizing protest

Lee opens the show this week with an overview of systemic racism in the US today. Public school funding, climate change, the wealth gap, and exposure to pollution are all issues that disproportionately harm communities of color. Lee gives you the details. From the news, Lee reports on climate change and its impacts, leaked audio of Tucker Carlson showing his bigotry, the EU’s attempt to negotiate a peaceful end to the US’ failed regime-change operation in Venezuela, and he goes after Wal-Mart’s plan to get rid of its greeters. In the second half of the show, Naomi Karavani takes over the desk to tell you how several states are preparing laws that would make it significantly more expensive for protesters to block the construction of fossil fuel infrastructure projects such as pipelines. Natalie McGill caps the show off with a rare dose of good news from the Prison-Industrial Complex.

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