Russiagate crumbling, city bans politicians, US troops in Congo

This week, Lee covers an expose which found that Democratic operatives and intel agents collaborated to smear GOP candidates as stooges of Russian intelligence, and they pushed the idea that Internet Research Agency Facebook ads significantly affected the 2016 election. Lee also highlights a small town in Mexico which kicked out the government and drug traffickers so they could govern themselves. He covers how an MSNBC/NBC journalist publicly quit his job because of the pro-war stance of the cable news channels, and he brings attention to sensationalized coverage from US media of the fact that prison inmates are eating steak while the government is shut down. John F. O'Donnell discusses the teacher strikes planned for next Monday in Los Angeles. Interestingly, the head of the LA School System is a former-investment banker and a supporter of a for-profit Charter School system. Natalie McGill looks into a case of corruption in the pharmaceutical industry, where nearly 3,000 drugs were recalled from drug-making plants that haven’t been FDA-inspected since 2008. The drugs caused dangerous outbreaks that can’t be tracked because where the drugs are made is considered proprietary information.

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