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How America is being sold off, richest 5 men own half the world & more

In this episode of Redacted Tonight, host Lee Camp reveals what’s in store for the future of our nation’s infrastructure. Things are looking grim, as Trump is planning a wide-scale privatization of our bridges, tunnels, and roads. This means our travel, safety, and health will be put into the hands of corporate entities that put profits well above our well-being. Lee also delves into how our country is being sold for parts to foreign conglomerates and nation-states. Then, Lee moves on to discuss a shocking new report on how the ownership of the world’s wealth is becoming even more inequitable. The five richest men in the world now hold the same amount of wealth as HALF OF THE WORLD’S POPULATION. That’s five people with as much as three BILLION PEOPLE! Beyond being a psychotic representation of greed, this is also incredibly unstable for the world. In the second half, correspondent Naomi Karavani joins Lee at the desk to discuss leaked documents that expose a conservative foundation’s plan to consolidate power. The Bradley Foundation’s tactics include crushing unions, especially in blue states where they wield an enormous amount of power. The Bradley Foundation pushes government to pass so-called “Right to Work Laws” and break up unions, all while operating under the guise of a charity. Finally, correspondent Natalie McGill investigates how dangerous, unregulated chemicals known as PFCs have somehow ended up in countless products we use every day. Though scientists have acknowledged that they are very harmful to humans, that hasn’t stopped them from getting into your shampoo and water. All of this, on the new Redacted Tonight!

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