DNC fraud suit, Obama shows his corruption, Trump still sucks

In this new Redacted Tonight, host Lee Camp covers how it should be no surprise that Obama is accepting nearly half a million dollars for a speech at a Wall Street-backed conference, as his ties with big banks precede even his presidency. While people claim Obama is a hypocrite for taking the money, his criticism of bankers has always been empty rhetoric, given not only his, but his cabinet’s, well-known Wall Street ties. Then, Lee updates us on a lawsuit Bernie Sanders supporters are filing against the DNC for rigging the Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and how the DNC’s lawyers are arguing that Bernie supporters should have known Sanders had zero chance of becoming the party’s nominee if the DNC was to have its way. In the second half, correspondent Naomi Karavani joins Lee at the desk to explain how economic inequality is only widening the health gap between the rich and the poor. Finally, correspondent Natalie McGill exposes reprehensible school policies that allow staff to “lunch shame” kids who can’t afford their lunches by throwing away their hot food and branding those that can’t pay with stamps. All of this on the newest episode of Redacted Tonight!

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