Journalist Ben Norton on how we’re being misled into more war

Is it really the US’ goal to destabilize the Middle East? Lee Camp invites Ben Norton, a journalist who covers the Middle East for Alterne and the Intercept, among other alternative media sources, to answer questions that are never raised in the mainstream news about America’s recent military actions in Syria. They discuss the messy situation on the ground in Yemen, Afghanistan, and Syria, the deep state’s plan for regime change, and leaked information that indicates the US is sacrificing innocent civilians. In the second half, Lee breaks down how the Democrats are treating Bernie-style candidates, and it looks reminiscent of the general election: they are getting screwed. In the recent special election in Kansas, James Thompson – a former civil rights attorney, veteran, and now progressive grassroots Democrat – came painfully close to winning a red seat in the house. But he may have actually won if he had had more help from his own party or, more importantly, if all the votes had been counted. This, and more, on Redacted Tonight VIP.

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