Workers being microchipped, Geoengineering begins, & Apple fights the truth

Lee Camp explains how scientists are gearing up to geoengineer the Earth’s atmosphere. When scientists consider a serious alternative to taking emissions and climate change seriously, what could go wrong after we pump aerosol injections 20 kilometers into the sky? Nothing, right? RIGHT? Next, Lee covers how companies have started inserting microchips into the hands of their employees. Little will remain of privacy when companies can track your every movement – and after the government and hackers take advantage of this new technology. John F. O’Donnell joins Lee to reveals what’s behind the new North Carolina anti-LGBTQ law known as the ‘bathroom bill.’ Did North Carolina finally agree to more tolerance or will there be extra security on the bathroom line? Naomi Karavani covers the recent disappearance of the drone tracking app ‘Metadata Plus’ from the Apple App Store, and how new technology might be used to enlighten Americans or keep us in the dark. This and more on Redacted Tonight.

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