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7 Apr, 2019 06:45

‘Birth Strike’ & hidden fight over women’s work

The fertility rate in the United States has fallen for the seventh straight year, so much so that without immigration our population would be declining. Policymakers are acutely aware of the birth rate decline, using coded words such as “age structure,”“dependency ratio,” and “entitlement crisis” to express their concern over an aging population, the inevitable weakening of consumer demand, and a stagnant economy. Yet they refuse to acknowledge the reality of women’s reproductive labor by providing adequate child care, family leave, health care, sufficient male support, and remuneration for child rearing. US women, in response, have gone on a “birth strike.” Joining Chris Hedges to discuss this issue is Jenny Brown, author of ‘Birth Strike: The Hidden Fight over Women’s Work’ and organizer with the National Women’s Liberation.

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