RT News - January 30, 2018 (17:00 MSK)

In an unprecedented move, the Pentagon has banned a US watchdog, which oversees the situation in Afghanistan, from publishing information on who controls what on the ground. That's amid a string of deadly terror attacks in the country. The US releases a sweeping list of Russian politicians and business figures, on a so-called "Kremlin List". It matches exactly the Kremlin's list of officials on its website, and mirrors Forbes's rich list of Russians. A back-burner report funded but the World Anti-Doping Agency exposes a much higher-scale of doping among international athletes, than ever thought. We discuss with its authors why its publication was delayed, and why it went almost unnoticed by WADA itself. Tensions flair as peace talks over the Syrian crisis get underway in the Russian resort of Sochi. We'll guide you through the biggest developments in the negotiations so far.