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10 Sep, 2021 22:18

Biden phones Xi after warning from China (Full show)

We examine a Friday morning phone call between Presidents Biden and Xi Jinping. Biden assured Xi that the US is prepared for “more candid exchanges and constructive discussions” and that there is no intent of abandoning the “One China” policy. The leaders agreed to stay in frequent contact to improve relations between the two countries. Meanwhile, 20 years have passed since the world-historical attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon by plans commandeered by extremist hijackers. RT America’s Faran Fronczak joins Rick Sanchez from just outside the Pentagon to report on the observance of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

Big Tech made tremendous profits from war and the so-called “War on Terror” through contracts with the Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security, and US intelligence agencies. RT America’s John Huddy shares the details. Then comedian and “Redacted Tonight” host Lee Camp joins Rick Sanchez to share his thoughts about the "War on Terror". The Australian government has ruled that media companies are responsible for the comments made by readers on their pages and social media platforms. The decision stems from a 2017 defamation lawsuit concerning a former juvenile detainee and is meant to protect people vulnerable to “Twitter mobs” and the like. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich explains the landmark decision. Then RT producer Regina Ham joins with news from the world of sports, including a world-record setting flight through a tunnel.

All employers with more than 100 employees are now mandated by the US government to vaccinate their employees or present negative weekly COVID-19 test results. Furthermore, all federal employees and contractors must be vaccinated against COVID-19. Will the bold new Biden policy convince the some 80 million Americans who remain unvaccinated? Rick Sanchez reports.