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24 Aug, 2021 00:49

Will US bombs replace US troops in Afghanistan? (Full show)

Has the US learned anything from its futile two-decade adventure in Afghanistan? What is going to happen to those who helped the US and its allies and now find themselves at the mercy of the Taliban? And should Washington's proxies and allies in Syria, Ukraine expect a different fate? RT's Eisa Ali and RT America's Sayeh Tavangar report on demonstrations in London and Washington denouncing the apparent betrayal of Afghanistan by the governments of UK and US, respectively.

Washington's current messaging on Afghanistan is vague at best, and suggest that Washington fears a reconstituted al Qaeda and a need to "work with partners to continue to suppress the terrorism threat" in Afghanistan. Dr. Ajamu Baraka of the United National Anti-War Coalition and former Pentagon official Michael Maloof join RT America's Rachel Blevins (in for Rick Sanchez) to share their insights.

RT America's John Huddy explains how Washington's decision to cultivate Islamic extremism in its decades-long effort to undermine the Soviet Union during the Cold War led to the likes of Al Qaeda, the Taliban and Islamic State.

Plus, catastrophic floods in Tennessee have left 22 people dead and 50 missing. Meanwhile, wildfires and historic drought continue to plague the American West. Wildlife expert Dr. Reese Halter shares his expertise.