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18 Aug, 2021 00:25

China to Taiwan: See Afghanistan? You could be next! (Full show)

Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) took to Twitter with a claim that more than 30,000 US troops were stationed in Taiwan, riling Chinese officials. China is conducting war games off the coast of Taiwan and ratcheting up its criticism of Washington’s $750 million arms deal with the island country. Beijing does not recognize Taiwanese sovereignty and views the US presence there as a threat to its vital national interests. Meanwhile, media sources controlled by Beijing point to the US withdrawal from Afghanistan as an illustration of what Taiwan should prepare for, if it puts too much trust in the US. RT America's John Huddy reports. Then former Pentagon official Michael Maloof weigh in on China's "psychological warfare" and how escalation between Beijing and Washington could put us on the brink of a new world war.

Then RT America's Faran Fronczak breaks down the astronomical spending involved in the US invasion of Afghanistan before discussing the tremendous profits defense contractors reaped from the war and the interlock between the boards of these too-big-to-fail companies and the Defense Department.

The annual Perseid meteor shower has long dazzled those lucky enough to see it. Up to 100 meteors per hour are visible in some cases. This year, it will be visible until August 24. RT America’s Natasha Sweatte reports from Joshua Tree National Park, where conditions are ideal to observe the breathtaking spectacle.

Clinical psychologist Chloe Charmichael, author of "Nervous Energy: Harness the Power of Your Anxiety," joins Rick Sanchez to discuss the 20 percent rise in alcoholism-related deaths in the UK. She says the pandemic is a "perfect storm" to nurture problem drinking in vulnerable people due to masking, boredom and reduced social fulfilment. She also discusses what she calls "mindful drinking" to avoid drinking in excess.