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Robot police dogs: Man’s best friend — or foe? (Full show)

Four-legged robot “dogs” have been used in a variety of situations, from controlled explosions to homeless shelters. They have the potential to save human lives in otherwise fatal situations, and they are expected to become ever more useful as engineers refine them. But critics allege that they will exert a dehumanizing influence on policing. And are they worth the high price tag? RT America’s Faran Fronczak reports the fascinating details on these robot “dogs” in police departments in the US and abroad. Then Professor Sangbae Kim of MIT shares his expertise.

RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports the latest revelations from the continuing investigation into the sordid legacy of infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Then Lionel of Lionel Media joins RT America’s John Huddy (in for Rick Sanchez) to share his insights.

Plus, wildlife expert Dr. Reese Halter weighs in on the extreme drought and more than 100 wildfires raging across numerous US states and other countries, following the release on the UN report on climate change.

Then Shadia Edwards-Dashti reports on protests in the UK wherein demonstrators attempted to seize control of the BBC and force a stop to their “propaganda” about COVID-19 and the country’s vaccine rollout.