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6 Aug, 2021 00:15

US arming Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam & Malaysia — here's how (Full show)

Amid rising antagonism toward a China and the growing assertiveness of Beijing's claim to the South China Sea, Washington is flooding Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia with sophisticated and tremendously expensive warships, aircraft and missiles. The ostensible aim is to counter the rise of China in the region. But could lobbyists in Washington be working deliberately to provoke a new arms race for the sake of profits? Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute joins Rick Sanchez to share his insights.

Airlines are seeing a disturbing rise in unruliness in the air. A combination of excessive drinking and passengers' frustration over mask mandates is to blame. Lionel of Lionel Media weighs in. He is emphatic that "this iteration of humanity is insane" and that our species is "devolving" as evidenced by a decline in standards of behavior among the flying public.

And Scientists have conducted a new study comparing the DNA of modern humans with that of Denisovans and Neanderthals and believe they have brought us closer to unlocking the secret of human uniqueness in the animal kingdom. RT America's Faran Fronczak joins Rick Sanchez with the fascinating details.