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23 Jul, 2021 00:56

Rare earth minerals: The real reason the US is threatening China with war (full show)

You want to know the real reason why the United States is going after China? Rick explores rare earth minerals--the raw material used to create almost all of our high-tech products. And guess where 90% of our planet's rare earth minerals come from? You guessed it--China. The co-host of RT's Boom Bust, Ben Swann reports. Boom Bust's Christy Ai and geopolitical expert Sourabh Gupta discuss the subject with Rick. Then, RT Correspondent Faran Fronczak discusses the breaking story of apparent corruption uncovered in the Flint water scandal. Later, a group of chimps has been observed attacking and killing gorillas. What gives? RT Correspondent Trinity Chavez has the story, and Yale University Professor of Anthropology, David Watts, shares his expertise.