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22 Jul, 2021 00:54

Doctor caught on video saying opioids are not addictive (full show)

Opioids have killed 50,000 people a year in the United States alone while big pharma has raked it in. A $26 billion settlement--the biggest civil action ever taken--aims to tip things in favor of the victims. But is it enough? RT Correspondent Faran Fronczak gives us the latest. And in a News with Rick Sanchez exclusive, attorney Peter Mougey, the man behind this historic settlement, tells us how he pulled it off.

Then, why are rich countries talking about booster shots when most people haven't even got their first Covid-19 vaccine? RT Correspondent Sayeh Tavangar reports. Addiction specialist Dr. John Dombrowski then joins the program to talk to Rick about the science behind opioid addiction.

Finally, why are guests suddenly going on cable news shows to bash their hosts? RT Correspondent Trinity Chavez finds answers in the shifting landscape of media news and Lee Camp, the host of RT's Redacted Tonight, shares his insights in ways only he can.