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13 Jul, 2021 00:06

Why Cubans are so angry -- live from Havana (Full show)

Rick Sanchez explains the unfolding protests in Havana and a number of other Cuban cities, the biggest the country has seen in decades. The protests are an expression of Cubans’ sudden prolonged isolation due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international travel and severe economic turmoil in the country. Meanwhile the rise of social media has exacerbated the spread of anti-government sentiment in Cuba. We then present team coverage of the situation in Cuba.

RT’s Oliver Zamora Oria reports from Havana while RT America’s John Huddy reports from Miami, Florida amid its successful and powerful community of Cuban immigrants and their descendants.

Then independent journalist Cristina Escobar joins live from Havana to bring us the latest on the developing situation, which she says is not in fact a “popular uprising” and that the protests have already been quelled. Plus, Pedro Gonzalez Munne of the Florida Association of Hispanic Journalists shares his expertise.

Virgin Galactic CEO Richard Branson successfully rode his company’s new supersonic rocket plane into space, where he and three crew members experienced microgravity at about 50,000 feet until their successful descent. The launch was accompanied by tremendous public-relations fanfare and is being welcomed as a major achievement in commercial space exploration and development.

RT America’s Faran Fronczak reports. Then Rick Tumlinson of SpaceFund shares his expertise.