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22 Jun, 2021 20:30

Full Show: Is President Biden stealing from Trumps playbook?

A bipartisan group of lawmakers is pushing President Biden to impose import restrictions on polysilicon (a material inside most solar panels) from China, similar to the restrictions the Trump administration placed on cotton, tomatoes and other products. The hope is the restrictions would help the US grow its own domestic solar panel industry. Boom Bust co-host and investigative journalist, Ben Swann has the details, then former UK MP, George Galloway and Ed Martin of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles discuss.

The Russian Navy is wrapping up military drills not far from the Hawaiian coast. The drills, the largest since the end of the cold war started shortly before the highly anticipated summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden. Former Naval intelligence officer John Jordan has the details.

Months ago, the Biden Administration and the Kremlin recalled their ambassadors for consultations. Now both of those ambassadors are returning to theirs posts after the Biden-Putin summit in Geneva. RT’s Faran Fronczak has the details plus she shares information about a ceremony held at the Russian embassy in the US, honoring the 80th anniversary of Nazi Germany's invasion of the USSR.